Avoid ending up in financial difficulty with income protection.

If you do not wish to be faced with the devastating loss of income if you were to be out of work due to an accident or illness then you should give yourself the protection you require with an income protection insurance policy. Not a single one of us would choose to be out of work, especially when there is a high rate of unemployment within the UK making it very difficult to find a job because not only are this there less of them around but there is also a lot more people applying for each individual job.
If you are out of work due to an accident or illness you want to be able to focus on your recovery rather than worrying about how you are going to afford to meet your financial commitments because you have had such a loss in household income. By taking out income protection insurance your loss in household income will not be as significant once you start receiving your payouts. The insurance payouts from an income protection policy are on average 65% of your income, they are also tax free allowing you to receive the full amount of your payout. The insurance payouts are paid to you in monthly or weekly payments, very much so like a wage.

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