Avoid leaving you and your family high and dry in the event of accident or illness with the right income protection insurance.

No individual can predict exactly what is going to happen the next day and in the tragic event of accident or sudden illness you are able to protect both the financial interests of you and the loved ones you may support in your life by covering your expenses while out of work under unexpected and unfortunate circumstances such as accident, illness or redundancy. When something like this occurs in your life it is a real shock, however a massive weight can be lifted off your shoulders with this type of cover which will insure any individual’s gross income of up to 65% with reliable income protection companies; ensuring that you are financially secure whatever happens.
It is not even always physical affliction that is covered by the company, one of the most common and increasing types of ailment being mental illness, which can sometimes be the most traumatic and chronic of diseases. In the event of such a case the last thing anyone needs is extra pressure and stress to provide for their loved ones and in today’s current climate people suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are on the increase in the UK due to the extra pressures in life, especially those of the working class.
Having been involved in quite a serious road traffic accident myself recently and not being able to claim compensation due to the circumstances of the situation, I was left in a real dark place, not being able to properly provide for my family and having to claim minimum benefits which was an arduous process in itself. After experiencing such a devastating time in my life I decided to take out income protection insurance and haven’t looked back since, feeling safe in the knowledge that if anything like this was to happen again, my life would be made so much easier.

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