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Find the most suitable income protection insurance for the best returns

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

The correct income protection insurance plan is able to act as your safety net in the case that you are deemed unemployed as the result of a number of circumstances that are no fault of your own. This provides you with the peace of mind that you will be able to live the lifestyle you have worked hard for and will be able to pay off your essential outgoings in order to keep your head above water. Such policies come in huge varieties although they are all designed to pay out in the event of the insured being unable to work.
This type of insurance is available from many insurance companies throughout the UK and is available to both the employed and self employed. It is especially useful for those who are self employed due to the fact that if they are to experience an accident or illness it is more tan likely that their income will come to a halt almost instantly. On the other hand people who are employed by a company may be able to still receive their pay for a set period of time which will be stated in their contract.
Income protection insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that a person whose standard of living greatly depends on their income can take out. This will protect your ability to produce an income for both you and your family to live on in the event that you are no longer in work.
In order for this to benefit you the most it is important that you take quite a few aspects into consideration when searching for the correct insurance plan to suit your individual requirements. Whoever you are and however old you are, income protection insurance is a cover that every individual should consider, whether you are young and single or on the brink of retirement. With your income being one of the most valuable assets of your life that ensures your fulfillment and happiness
Whether you are young and single, middle-aged and married or on the brink of retirement, income protection insurance is something that all employed people should consider. Think about it – your income is one of your most valuable assets and if you suddenly had an accident or became ill or injured and couldn’t earn an income, what would you do? This is where income protection cover can help. Designed to do exactly what its name suggests – income protection insurance secures your income in the event that you cannot work due to an accident, illness or injury.
Online income protection brokers are there to provide you with the professional assistance you require in order to obtain a critical illness cover that is specifically designed around your individual requirements and finances. Such services are able to completely eliminate the stress of searching for a suitable insurance cover whilst offering excellent advice to ensure that you are going with the right insurance company for you.

What you should know about income protection insurance.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

If you do not already know what income protection is here is a brief explanation.
Income protection insurance is a policy that covers your income if you were to become unable to work due to an accident or illness. If you were to claim the payout would be provided to you at monthly rates, usually at a percentage of your old income as it is used as a substitute for your regular income.
Accidents and illness can appear at any time without us even knowing which can mean that it is often hard for people to work out when to take out an income protection policy but many experts believe the sooner the better and that the right time is now. No one will truly know if or when we could lose our job or income due to an illness or accident which means taking a policy out now can protect you and your family’s future. Income protection covers many accidents and illnesses that result in an individual being unable to return to work as this can cause financial loss.
An income protection policy usually covers up to 65 to 75% of your old income so that you are not taking a large step down financially as this can cause a domino effect in many families. Also, if you are self employed person your income protection policy will cover the gross business income.
Income protection insurance is one of the only insurances you can depend on 100%. For many accident and sickness insurances the provider can choose to refuse to renew your cover when your current policy has finished, this may because you pose too much of a risk. But why bother with accident and sickness cover when you can be sure to depend on income protection alone.
Many income protection policies can also protect you and provide you with many more benefits than you would expect, making sure that you know everything there is to know about your policy and what is covered should be very important, as there are a number of income protection insurance companies who can provide you with many more benefits than there is shown at first glance.
Many people will think that the monthly payout has to be used for certain things however the monthly substituted income can be used for vast array of occasion’s purposes. Whether you want to pay off your mortgage to ensure you keep the family home or put money aside for your children’s educational fees, it can be used for any reason that you wish.
Income protection insurance can provide you with many more benefits than the many other forms of insurances, as it is a must that you know everything about your policy to ensure that you are not surprised by anything if it comes to claiming in the future.
If you would like to find out more or to learn how to purchase income protection insurance search online or contact an experienced and professional insurance advisor who will be happy to help you protect your future.

Income protection is the most vital insurance plan to be invested

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

With the majority of people suffering from an illness or accident during some point in their lives it can result in great financial difficulties due to loss of work, especially in the unfortunate event of temporary of permanent disability. Not all employers offer sick pay and if they do it may only be for a limited time period as they it is pointless for them to keep anyone on the payroll indefinitely without the work provided by their employee. In addition to this sick pay if most often at a highly reduced rate compared to your usual working income which will almost definitely cause problems when it comes to providing for your family and the maintenance of the life style you have worked hard to provide.

Taking out the correct income protection insurance will provide you with the stability to remain at practically the same level of income as you were earning prior to your accident or illness and will allow you to conserve the lifestyle you had whilst you had your job. As the payouts are tax free most insurance companies will allow you up to three quarters of your gross annual income, which for families where there is only one breadwinner, it is of great importance to protect their interests with such a plan.

The allowance of being able to choose the correct plan for your personal needs is a great advantage; for instance, if you are sure of a payout from your employer in the event of an accident or illness then you may want to opt for lower coverage. This is where the policy holder agrees to less than their regular salary when the insurance pays out, for some people this could work in their favour, whilst for others it may not. For this reason shopping around for the correct plan to suit you is of paramount importance; this way you can be sure that you are not paying over the odds for certain aspects of the plan that you don’t particularly need, and you can choose the right company that you are confident will provide you with the security that you do need.

In order to receive the correct cover it is important to shop around the most reputable of companies and always read the small print. All insurers offers different prices with varying options available, this can all depend on your age, gender and annual income, so even if a friend of family member has suggested a certain company, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what is working for them will work for you.

Helpful comparison sites and independent advisers will do all the hard work for you, acting as a catalyst between the buyer and the insurer. They provide you with a fantastic service including a fully comprehensive market research to ensure that you are getting the best price possible and receive a service that is no less and no more than what you have asked for. To get the best of what is out there on the market today there is no better place to go.

Protect your financial interests with the right choice of Income Protection Insurance

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

As we age our bodies deteriorate and it is more than likely that we will suffer from some type of illness at some point within our lives. While we all hope that severe illnesses such as cancer will pass us by, the majority of us will suffer from common ailments such as back pain at some point in our lives as we get older. Even this type of illness could put you out of work for a period of time, and if this is to be the case it is imperative to ensure that your outgoings are covered in order to avoid financial disaster. It is commonly known that state benefits are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. With the recently elected coalition government in power, they have put in place strict rules that have made the bracket for claimants extremely narrow, the whole point of this was to be sure that they really are unfit for work but it seems to have transpired that even those who are genuinely ill are unable to receive the financial help they require.

Income Protection Insurance is a sure way to preserve the lifestyle you have worked for by ensuring that mortgage repayments and other bills are paid if you are unable to work as a result of an illness. This type of insurance cover will provide you with a tax-free monthly income up until the age of retirement. With many different types of Income Protection Insurance it can be difficult to know where to begin, each provider offers varying types of cover all depending on your personal situation and requirements.

To determine the best price for your particular cover it is vital to do your research. Alternatively many comparison sites and IFA regulated advisers take the weight off your shoulders by doing the hard work for you. They take out thorough market research to get the very best insurance to suit both your pocket and your requirements, whatever they may be. There are various in which they take into account during their search, ensuring that you purchase an adequate plan from a revered insurance company.

The waiting period is an important factor to consider during the search for Income protection insurance, this is the duration of time you have to wait before the plan begins to payout. The shorter time period will have higher premiums than the longer waiting time. Your age will also affect how much you pay for this type of insurance, it is usually the case that the older you are, the higher your monthly premiums and vice versa. This means that selecting a plan while you are younger is highly beneficial as the insurance is bound to be much cheaper, and will provide cover for a longer period of time. If your job is seen as being of a dangerous nature with a high risk factor, then you premiums are obviously going to be higher as there is more of a chance that you will be injured in the workplace. With all this to consider and more, there is no wonder why expert insurance comparison sites are so popular in the assistance of providing people with insurance that is sure to work to there advantage.

Keep your family protected with income protection cover.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Income protection is ideal to take out if you/you and your family rely on your wages as it ensures that if you were in the tragic position of losing your job due to an accident or illness you would not be left in complete financial difficulty. If you were to lose your job you would be able to put your mind at rest knowing that you could receive approximately 65% of your income before you as out of work, which would be paid to you in completely tax free weekly or monthly payments. You can choose to take out a short term income protection policy which will pay out a lot quicker however the payouts will only last for two years therefore it is not always an ideal policy to take out, as longer term policy’s offers you much greater protection.

Finding and taking out the right income protection policy no longer needs to be complicated. Income protection insurance advisers will make the process of taking a policy out as stress free and as easy as possible for you. If you think that income protection is for you all that you need to do is get in touch with a financial advisor or insurance provider and you will be guided through the process. You will be asked a few questions and by the answers you provide experts will be able to suggest policies for you. They will also be able to tailor a policy to suit your exact requirements. These specially trained advisers will make sure that you fully understand the policy you have chosen and exactly what you will receive from it.

Give yourself peace of mind with income protection.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Ever wondered how you and your family would get by if you were to lose your job due to an accident or illness? Unfortunately there’s still so many people who haven’t taken out income protection cover, this could lead to not only themselves but also their families struggling if they were to lose their job due to an accident or illness.

When taking out an income protection policy you will be able to sit back and relax knowing that if you were to be out of work due to an accident or illness you would be protected. Income protection policies are there to protect your income therefore if you are out of work and choose to claim on your policy you will be able to receive a replacement income. The income in which you would receive is usually around 65% of your income before you were out of work and is paid to you in tax free weekly or monthly payments.

If you are interested in income protection and wish to learn more, contact an income protection insurance specialist who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and find you the perfect policy for you. Even if you are unsure whether income protection is for you, talking with a financial advisor or insurance company will be a smart move as all advice given is free and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the insurance policies that they find for you.

Give yourself added protection within income protection cover.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

When you live alone the only income you have into the household is your own and so if you were out of work you would struggle to meet your financial commitments. There are many people out of work due to accidents or illnesses which they have no control over, and so it is essential that you protect yourself in the event that this may happen to you. One of the ways you can protect yourself is with income protection insurance, having an income protection policy allows you to receive a payout of around 65% of your income, which is tax free. This payout will allow you to maintain your financial commitments while you are recovering, this can be a great weight lifted of your shoulders as you will not need to worry about how you are going to keep afloat when you are not receiving an income. When you are ill it is important that you focus on your recovery and so having an income protection policy will enable you to do this.
If you have any questions about income protection insurance and whether or not it is going to be of any benefit to you, speak to an independent financial advisor or income protection cover provider who will be able to tell you all about income protection and the benefits it offers. They will also be able to help you find a policy and you will see just how affordable it is to have that extra reassurance should anything happen.

Take control with income protection insurance

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Income protection insurance can help you look after your family if you were to be out of work. There are many different reasons why you may be out of work, you could have been in an accident or you could be seriously ill, neither of which you would have any control over but you can have control over whether or not you will have insurance cover which can help you while you are out of work. If you want to be protected then ensure you take out income protection insurance which will allow you to receive a payout which is on average about 65% of your income. Do not worry you will not be paying any tax on your payout so you can spend the whole amount looking after your family. Your payout can help you meet those every day bills such as your mortgage or rent and your utility bills.
Income protection insurance companies can provide you with an income protection policy which will offer you all the cover that you require. If you contact any one of the many insurers or comparison websites out there online they can help you find your policy and ensure that it offers you the very best cover and is affordable for you.
You will find that income protection insurance is a great benefit and for very little each month you could protect your insurance ensuring that if you were ever out of work you would not lose your whole income. You would only lose a minimal amount of income with income protection cover.

The factors that are affecting the cost of income protection insurance.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The price of IPI widely varies based on a range of different factors in a person’s life such as your occupation, your annual income, the waiting period and your age and gender.

Different insurers have different opinions on which occupations have more risks than others, so any potential customers are ranked on the basis of how likely they are to claim in the future. Low risk occupations, which usually involve little manual work such as administrative staff and managers, are more than likely to have lower premiums. Conversely, high risk occupations such as manual workers, whether skilled or unskilled, are very likely to be subject to higher premiums. The logic behind this is due to the fact that many manual workers use heavy or dangerous equipment that naturally puts them at a higher risk of injury.

The buyer must declare all components of their annual income in order to get the right estimate, since income protection covers are tax deductible. Also the buyer will most probably have to pay 1%-3% of their annual income, depending on what policy they have chosen.
If the IPI claimer is financially able to survive for a longer period of time while out of work, the lower the premiums will be. So the longer the deferred period the better it is for you, but obviously this depends on factors such as: whether or not you are eligible for a generous sick pay from your place of employment. The deferred period can be as long as a year, however if you feel you cannot manage without your payments, a shorter deferred period can be put in place for as short as four weeks.

And the final aspect that could have an affect on the price of your IPI is a persons age and gender. Naturally a persons body deteriorates as they mature so it is very likely that the older the person is the more they will pay. Likewise a persons gender can also affect the amount of premiums and women are likely to be subject to higher premiums than men; due to the fact that women are said to claim on income protection insurance more than men, and are supposedly more likely to retire early.

So for the most cost efficient income protection insurance on the market, get authorised professional advice and full market research from any income protection provider.

The best place to go for advice on looking for your income protection insurance.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

At Income Protect they are able to offer you the best insurance plans out there on the market today with help such as: discounted premiums, full market research, authorised professional advice and a full comparison of the leading UK providers on the market right now. In the grim and daunting unemployment situation so many people have to face at the moment it is especially important that you get the most professional advice available to ensure you are in the best place possible if it was to happen to you.
Many income protection insurance plans out there do not offer a policy that covers the most diverse of situations. An example of this is you were to lose your job through suffering from a mental illness rather than a physical illness you may not be insured against your loss of employment; which is why many income protection comparison sites they offer an extreme sweeping search of what you are looking for and what different companies have to offer to suit your needs at the best price possible.
So in case of accident, illness or redundancy you are sure to be covered by the most cost effective and comprehensive insurance plan on the market. Offering both you and the loved ones you provide for the maximum security against such detrimental situations that you may or may not come to pass, but as the saying goes: “it is better to be safe than sorry.”