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Could my claim be refused?

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Yes, there are a number are ways in which your claim could be refused and your policy would be void.

Here at Income Protection we believe that honest is the best policy and if you haven’t lied or given false answers to the questions asked your policy should be cleared. If you were to have given false answers to lower premiums or gain better benefits from your policy your claim and policy would null and void and you would not be able to claim. Honesty is truly the best policy as if you were to become unfortunate enough to lose your job how would you cope if you were unable to claim?

If you fall behind on your payments or you haven’t read your policy correctly and what is covered your claim would be refused. Fraudulent claims, such as claiming for an illness you didn’t have, would also mean that your claim would become void and you would be unable to claim the payout.

The best things you can do when purchasing your income protection insurance is to ensure that the answers you give are correct, you have read the terms and what is covered properly and that you do not claim for something that didn’t happen as when if it were to come a time when you did lose your job, you may struggle as you would lose your monthly income and may struggle financially.

Why should I invest in income protection insurance?

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Many individuals all over the UK are opting to purchase income protection due to the economic crisis. Many people are losing their jobs and none of us know if it or when it is going to happen to us. However, with income protection insurance if you were to lose your job you would be able to receive a steady income so that you and your family are kept financially stable.

Now stop and consider what you would do if you were to find yourself out of work, It is probable that many of you are thinking you would try and find more work but this sounds a lot easier than it actually is as there are so many people out there looking for jobs. The one you try for may have over 100 applicants, so there is only a small chance you may get it. But also think whilst you were looking for work how will you be able to fend for yourselves and your family with no income? This is why income protection insurance specialists believe that purchasing income protection insurance today could have greater benefits for you in the future.

Not only is income protection great if you were to lose your job but also if you become ill, the statutory sick pay is only £65 per week and for many this will be a rapid decrease in income from their normal income. Income protection insurance provides you with a steady income each month so that you can still have money coming into your home and to ensure that you stay financially stable.

Protect you and your family now.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

When it comes to family life many want to ensure that they can provide for their family. However, due to the economic crisis many of our jobs are not as safe as they used to be and providing for our children and our partner may become difficult if they were to lose their jobs. With income protection insurance if you were to lose your job you will be able to receive a steady income that will help you to be financially stable.

Income protection insurance can help you in a variety of ways, it will help to pay for bills, food and other necessities that you may have if you find yourself unable to carry out your basic duties and so purchasing income protection today will ensure that you are able to carry on as normal.

Income protection comparison companies will help you to find a policy that suits all of your individual needs and requirements. They only use and provide you with the very best insurance providers in the UK as they want to ensure that you are gaining the most from your insurance.

Income protection insurance providers want to help you in every way they can in regards to your income protection insurance, so if you have any questions or queries visit speak with a financial advisor or insurance expert today.

They will look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t lose your income this Christmas.

Monday, December 5th, 2011

For many businesses it is always a tough time when having to lose one of their employees, however it is a tougher time due to the economic crisis and many people have to be ejected as they simple don’t have enough money. It isn’t always something they want to do, but as it is coming up to Christmas many of us would have worse things on our mind.

Christmas is a time where everyone spends large amounts of money, treating their family and friends with gifts and presents. However, if you happened to be one of the unfortunate ones who were to lose their job before Christmas not only may it cause stress on your behalf but also make you lose out on money for one of the most expensive times of year.

Purchasing income protection cover now will ensure that if you were to lose your job suddenly you would still be able to receive a fixed income and afford the Christmas you would have had. This could also mean you can pay for those extra little presents or you could have a few extra drinks at festive parties.

There is not a lot worse than losing your job at Christmas and the worse to come is that if you don’t find another job quick how are you going to pay off your credit cards and other bills? You never know how long it may be before you can find another job.

Income protection cover is for you!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

When you take out an income protection policy you will find that you can very easily put your mind at rest as you will know that you are protected if you were to be out of work due to an accident or illness. As much as individuals would want to their is no way to control when we fall ill and so it is beneficial to have a protection policy in case anything was to happen. An income protection policy will protect your income, and this means that if you were out of work and claimed on your policy, the policy would provide you with a replacement income. This income would provide you with on average 65% of your income before you were out of work and this would be paid to you in tax free monthly or weekly payments.

You may think that an income protection policy is not for you but what would you do if you were out of work due to an accident or illness and you had no cover in place? All you would be able to do is live off any savings you had scrupulously saved but once they have run out you will be in a very sticky situation. Income protection insurance is very affordable cover which you would greatly benefit from if you were to be out of work.

Ensure you don’t end up in debt with income protection.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Income protection insurance is a very beneficial policy to take out because it offers you very beneficial protection against your income. Most individuals will put their hands up and say that without a normal income they would struggle, after all many have a large amount of financial commitments and so rely on a suitable income to pay them. What we do not think about is what would happen if we were to fall ill or be in an accident and therefore be out of work, our income would disappear in an instant and we would struggle to meet our financial commitments.

You will find that with an income protection policy you can keep your mind at rest as you will know that if anything was to happen which would result in you being out of work you could claim on your income protection policy allowing you to maintain your financial outgoings and lifestyle. When you receive your payout confirmation, the policy chosen by the individual usually gives complete freedom as to what a person spends their money on and so claimants can choose to use it for their  financial commitments or perhaps they may need it to help towards medical expenses if out of work due to an accident or illness.

Protect yourself and your income with income protection insurance

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We all constantly think about insuring our cars, and insuring our homes but how often do we think about protecting ourselves? Many people think that when it comes to protecting themselves then life insurance is the only answer but in reality they are not protecting themselves they are just ensuring that their family is not left without. You need to protect yourself while you are still here and by protecting your income not only are you protecting yourself but you are protecting your family.

Most households have one person who is the main breadwinner, take a moment and think what it would be like in your household if that main source of income was taken away. In most households finances would soon become a major problem because that income is relied on to pay the mortgage, pay for the car, to pay the utilities and everyday luxuries. Some households only have that one source of income and so in moments they could lose everything and they could soon be heading towards masses of debt. There is one way you can stop this from happening or at the very least reduce the effects it will have and this is by taking out an income protection policy.

Don’t struggle when you’re out of work.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Do you know someone who has lost their job due to an accident or illness? Did you see them struggle with their finances? If they had taken out an income protection policy they may not have struggled, this is because an income protection policy will allow you to receive a payout of on average 65% of your earnings before you were out of work. You would receive your payout in weekly or monthly tax free payouts, allowing you to organise your finances. Do not make the same mistake as someone else and protect yourself today!

Income protection providers have advisors on hand to answer any questions you may have about income
protection insurance; they will be able to help you see the benefits that it can offer. By trusting these experts you can find a quote which will not put you out of pocket, while you are trying to protect what you have in your pocket. They offer a wide variety of different income protection policies which are readily available for you to purchase with advisers there to help you understand your policy and what it covers. Many can often tailor a policy to suit your individual needs.

Protect yourself with income protection cover.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Income protection insurance is one of the ideal ways to protect yourself if you were to become ill and out of work. Nobody knows if they are going to be ill or end up in an accident but it is always best to protect yourself just in case something out of your control was to happen. If you are aware that you would be financially unstable if you were out of work then it is ideal to have a plan of action so that if something was to happen you are covered. We cannot control our lives to the extent that we know if we are going to become ill or in an accident, if we could we would and we would avoid such events occurring but as we cannot all we can do is put preventative and protection measures in places. Income protection insurance is an ideal policy to have in place this is because if you were out of work due to an accident or illness you would receive a weekly or monthly tax free payout in replacement of the income which has been lost. This payout allows you to maintain your financial commitments, leaving you to focus on your recovery so that you can return to work as quickly as possible.

Get an income protection quote online, today!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Find yourself the income protection quote you require by making use of any of the online quote generators that can be found across the internet. There are many online quote generators available because they allow you to search for quotes outside of office opening hours, which is ideal for most working people. By getting quotes online you can easily search for the cheapest quote or deal saving yourself money which is important for most people.

Most individual insurance providers will offer a quotes generator on their website, which will give you quotes for the policies that they offer, however some online quote generators are different because those generators search for quotes from a wide variety of different leading insurance providers. This means that you only have to enter the required information to receive a quote once and you will find yourself with quotes from the insurance providers that you recognise saving you time as you will not need to use each individual quotes generator.

If you find a quote through an online quotes generator that you are interested in you can always speak with advisors who will talk you through the quote and help make sure that it is the best policy that they can offer you, if they find a policy which may suit you better then they will give you the option to choose between the policies.