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Now is the time to protect your income.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

In an age where job security is no longer taken lightly, there is definitely more call for protective measures such as viable insurance plans in the event that your income is threatened. There are so many different reasons that may present themselves during your life when you may find that your income is affected, whether through sickness or injury or perhaps through an economic crisis such as the last and latest recession that is still affecting many thousands of UK residents across Britain. 

The inevitable truth is that today, our income means more than anything, as without an income or when losing our income we cannot sustain the lifestyles, however conservative, that we have become so used to. To pen an old phrase, “Money makes the world go round”, there are no truer words spoken that reflect the way of life for civilisations across the globe, especially in the westernised modern world. 

Every little thing now costs money and without a steady income, life can be very uncompromising. With this in mind think how you would cope without your income and consider taking out a low cost, effective protection plan today.

Protect your income through spring and summer.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Summer is coming and we’re all looking forward to enjoying the sun and the holidays that have planned. Summer brightens up our days and causes us to forget about our worries and take a moment to reflect on all the things that make us happy.

Although we enjoy the summer, one thing no-one wishes to experience is falling into financial difficulty due to being off work because of an illness or accident. When you are off work for a long period of time it can be difficult to maintain our financial commitments as you will not receive your regular wage for the whole time you are off ill. If you were to have income protection you would receive a monthly or weekly tax free payout which would enable you to maintain your financial commitments such as your mortgage or rent.

We don’t choose to be out of work but we can choose to have income protection so that if we are unfortunately out of work through no choice of our own we will be protected and there will not be any extra strain of worrying about how we are going to meet the payments for all the bills we have and how we are going to pay our mortgage or rent.

By having income protection you can enjoy the summer knowing that if anything was to happen you will be financially stable and can focus on getting better. Enjoy the summer having purchased income protection for yourself.

Find the right income protection for you.

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Income protection is the most secure way of ensuring you will still be able to maintain any financial commitments you may have if in the worst case scenario you became severely ill or in an accident and are unable to work for a long period time. If you are out of work for long periods of time your employer will not continue paying you, and you will lose your income. If you protect your income you will receive 65% of your income in either weekly or monthly payments which are tax free, which will help you maintain your financial commitments like mortgage or rent payments.

If you were to choose income protection there are many financial advisers and insurance companies who can help you choose a plan that suits your needs, tailoring your plan so that it is perfect for you, making your income protection plans some of the best available. You can choose to pay your premiums annually of monthly so that they work around your income flow, as your circumstances change they often allow you to change your plan so that it will always be perfect for your situation.

The many income protection plans are designed to give you an income while you are off work for long period’s time because you are ill or have been in an accident. You will receive and income that is liveable dependent upon your occupation, financial commitments and the benefits you require.

Having income protection allows you to maintain the life you had before you were out of work.

Keep protected with income protection cover.

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

With the current recession and downturn in the economic climate it is recommended that you protect your income. If you were to end up out of work for whatever reason without income protection you would most likely be without an income and would be unable to maintain a basic standard of living never mind the luxurious standard of living that most people are used to today.

Income protection will give you monthly or weekly tax free payouts at approximately 65% of your income and if you are reliable on your wage to get by each month income protection will give you security in case anything does happen to you.

Income protection will cover you if you are out of work due to sickness or an accident most policies won’t cover you for redundancy or any other form of unemployment. Being out of work due to sickness or an accident doesn’t allow you the opportunity to find another job but if you were out of work due to redundancy you would have the opportunity to find another job. There are other forms of insurance that will cover you for redundancy and unemployment, but you do have to be employed when you take the cover out.

If you own your own home, have a family or both then you need peace of mind that if anything was to happen to you, you could still support your family or keep up with mortgage payments, income protection insurance gives you that peace of mind.

How much of your income can you expect to receive with Income Protection Insurance?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Typically on average, you can expect to receive around 65% of your gross salary when taking out income insurance with This amount varies between insurance providers but independent insurers have dedicated much time and effort to designing policies to get the most beneficial solution for you when faced with job cuts or a complete loss of income. There is no point to taking out income protection unless you can receive a liveable wage, providing you with enough to cover important outgoings such as your mortgage payments, loans and other utility bills. Although if you are out of work for a long period of time you may miss out on the luxuries that you may have become accustomed to, but the premiums ensure that you keep up to date on the important bills and financial obligations.

Will income protection cover help me?

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Income protection cover will help you as it ensures that if you were to become unable to work due to an accident or illness then you would receive monthly payouts which are averagely 65% of your monthly income, which will help maintain everyday payments. Income protection cover will help you as the payouts allow you to maintain everyday payments which if you weren’t to pay could mean you’d end up losing your car or home. If you were to lose your car or home it would cause the family extra stress and worry which isn’t needed when everyone wants to focus on making sure you are to recover and get well again. You may think you won’t need income protection cover but if you don’t have income protection cover and you were to become unemployed due to an accident or illness then you could lose 100% of your monthly income meaning you would be unable to maintain everyday payments, causing you a lot of stress worrying about maintaining your payments when you should be concentrating on recovering and getting well again. Most income protection covers won’t help you if you were to become unemployed due to redundancy but there are other income protection covers available such as unemployment income protection, which would. Income protection will give you peace of mind when things go wrong and you become unable to work due to an accident or illness. You don’t need any extra stress when you’re ill, so income protection will help you.

What is income protection?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Income protection is a form of insurance cover taken out to ensure your financial stability, if you were to suddenly become unemployed due to sickness or illness.

If you purchased income protection before you became unable to work then your cover would pay out either weekly or monthly, giving you financial security during such a difficult time. These payments would enable you to continue paying everyday costs such as rent or mortgage payments. All payments received are tax free. The average payout is between 50% and 75% of your income when the protection cover was taken out. Once you are able to return to work then the payouts will stop and you will be required to make the cover payments again.

There are three definitions of income protection which once one is chosen reflects the type of cover you’ll receive and your eligibility to receive payments. An own occupation definition will pay out if you are unable to do your job. A suited definition will pay out if you are unable to do your job or any job similar to your own job. An any occupation definition will pay out if you are unable to do any form of paid work. The best definition to receive is an own occupation as you will receive payout if you are unable to do your own job.

Most income protection policies do not cover unemployment due to redundancy. There are other insurance covers available which do cover redundancy unemployment.

Personalised Payment plans for Income Protection Insurance Cover.

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

In times where money may be restricted, such as it has been over the last 2 years for many of us, finding the right income protection insurance and then having the option to tailor your payments to your budget makes sense. Income protection companies can do just this. Offering a flexible and individualised service to customers and clients, they offer you the ability to choose monthly or annual payments to make it easier for you to ensure the right the right level of cover is given to you, in the event that your income is placed in jeopardy. With the addition of short term plans also available, the amount of flexibility provided by them makes choosing Income Protection Insurance simple and very easy.

Don’t resort to selling your treasured possessions when faced with a loss of income.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

It doesn’t have to become so desperate when you have lost a percentage or all of your income due to powers outside your control. With the rocky state of the economy over the past 3 years, it is easy to see why many have seen huge cuts to their income, either having lost their jobs and had to replace them with lower paid positions, salary and wage cuts or by seeing their working hours reduced by as much as 50%. A devastating occurrence for anyone to experience, where in the past many have had no other choice but to sell of pieces of personal items to pay bills, even in rare cases to purchase food and essential items. However, experts such as income protection insurance providers can help you by removing the need for you to give up any important personal effects, giving you the right protective cover for your income today.

Why choose to insure your income?

Monday, November 1st, 2010

A silly question really, but opting to take out income protection insurance really does offer superb benefits to those who, when the time comes, really need it. Because an income protection insurance policy replaces a generous part of your monthly income for long periods of time, you have less financial worries, helping you focus more on recovering and finding alternative employment or reaching the age to take retirement. Not just applicable to when you are faced with redundancies or cut backs that have a detrimental effect on your income but in addition income protection can be handy when you are unable to work too. If you earn a reasonable salary and wish to create a safety net around it, talk to an income protection specialist today.