Could my claim be refused?

Yes, there are a number are ways in which your claim could be refused and your policy would be void.

Here at Income Protection we believe that honest is the best policy and if you haven’t lied or given false answers to the questions asked your policy should be cleared. If you were to have given false answers to lower premiums or gain better benefits from your policy your claim and policy would null and void and you would not be able to claim. Honesty is truly the best policy as if you were to become unfortunate enough to lose your job how would you cope if you were unable to claim?

If you fall behind on your payments or you haven’t read your policy correctly and what is covered your claim would be refused. Fraudulent claims, such as claiming for an illness you didn’t have, would also mean that your claim would become void and you would be unable to claim the payout.

The best things you can do when purchasing your income protection insurance is to ensure that the answers you give are correct, you have read the terms and what is covered properly and that you do not claim for something that didn’t happen as when if it were to come a time when you did lose your job, you may struggle as you would lose your monthly income and may struggle financially.

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