Income Protection

Are you covered by disability income protection insurance or income payment protection insurance?

If the answer is no, then consider this! How would you be able to financially cope without receiving your regular income? Unfortunately the state does not cover you with disability income protection cover.. The State benefit will only provide you with a basic amount of money to live off usually in the region of around £70 per week and this is all around the fact that you are actually entitled to claim the money.

Most of us tend to think that the unthinkable will never happen. It is usually a friend or someone else who has become injured and unable to work. But just imagine how easy it is to injure yourself, you could possibly fall from a ladder or worse still lose a limb whilst working on home improvements. These are all factors that have applied to thousands of people through no fault of their own who unfortunately were not covered by disability income protection insurance or income payment protection insurance. This has then had adverse affect where the unfortunate individuals have ended up losing their homes and loved ones. Just think by paying a small premium on an agreed basis you will be fully covered with disability income protection or any income protection enabling you to be fully covered for your mortgage, bills and look after your loved ones?

Disability Income Protection Insurance – Disability Income Protection Cover

In the UK there are more than 2.6 million claiming incapacity benefit in the UK and a lot of these have been claiming for over five years. The assistance given by the state is ok however this is very unlikely to enable you maintain a decent standard of living, and this is where Disability Income Protection would help you. There is a possibility that your employer may have a scheme in place that will provide you with some form of protection, however the number of us across the UK that have access to this is very limited. Some figures published recently say as little as 1.7 million of us. Also lets not forget the 3.8 million self employed people across the UK who will not receive any income protection at all and the result is a huge income gap. Some statisticians did some research recently and it has been said that in the future as many 1 in 5 of us have a good chance of being unable to work due to sickness and disability for more than 3 months.

What will have to happen to me to qualify for the payment from the policy is a question many people ask? Well this is very job specific however you would normally have to have suffered an accident or be taken ill. Many of the providers say that you are unable to do the essential parts of your job. The providers also classify your ability to do activities such as walking, climbing, bending, communicating, eyesight, healthcare and dexterity on if you will receive payment on a policy or not.

Disability Income protection can provide you with that little bit of peace of mind should the worse happen to you and the government assistance be insufficient. This can be invaluable if the circumstance occurs.  There are many insurance companies that have helped hundreds and thousands of people receive disability income protection insurance and income payment protection insurance allowing them the safe knowledge that they are fully covered from the unthinkable. Easy, quick and simple online forms allow you the option to receive a quote within minutes ensuring you find the best possible deal from all the leading insurance providers. Or if you would prefer to speak direct to one of the friendly FSA regulated specialist advisers out there, contact any insurance providers for further information as this could be one of the most important decisions of your life.