Find the right income protection for you.

Income protection is the most secure way of ensuring you will still be able to maintain any financial commitments you may have if in the worst case scenario you became severely ill or in an accident and are unable to work for a long period time. If you are out of work for long periods of time your employer will not continue paying you, and you will lose your income. If you protect your income you will receive 65% of your income in either weekly or monthly payments which are tax free, which will help you maintain your financial commitments like mortgage or rent payments.

If you were to choose income protection there are many financial advisers and insurance companies who can help you choose a plan that suits your needs, tailoring your plan so that it is perfect for you, making your income protection plans some of the best available. You can choose to pay your premiums annually of monthly so that they work around your income flow, as your circumstances change they often allow you to change your plan so that it will always be perfect for your situation.

The many income protection plans are designed to give you an income while you are off work for long period’s time because you are ill or have been in an accident. You will receive and income that is liveable dependent upon your occupation, financial commitments and the benefits you require.

Having income protection allows you to maintain the life you had before you were out of work.

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