Happy New Year!

As many return to work and are back in the office after having a lovely holiday for Christmas and New year, it is hoped that you have all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year as much as each other.
When you were making your new year’s resolutions did you think about protecting your income? The sound advice is that you should make protecting your income one of your resolutions of 2012, every year more and more people are ending up out of work and so you should give yourself all the protection possible so that you do not end up in an extremely difficult place if you were to lose your income.
Income protection can help you as you will receive on average 65% of your income before you were out of work, this would be paid out to you in either weekly or monthly tax free payments. By having income protection insurance not only are you protecting yourself but you are also protecting your family. When you receive payouts from your insurance policy you can choose to spend them however you wish too, however the idea of the insurance policy is so that you can continue to maintain your financial commitments which would normally come out of your income.

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