Income Protection

Income Protection for different industry sectors including farming.

In already a cut throat industry with farmers having to meet specific requirements to qualify for supermarket grade produce, and in addition the huge overheads in running a successful farm, being unable to work or earn a living because of injury (quite a common occurrence) or sickness can leave a whole way of life for a number of people in jeopardy.

Farms and farmlands can be dangerous places to work with a combination of heavy machinery and large animals and the fact that work must continue no matter what weather conditions may be experienced. For many, long hours and hard working conditions contribute to a deluge of potential serious accidents that can arise working and living on a farm. Obviously, working on a farm encounters far more risk than sitting behind a desk in an office and so where income protection is concerned, farmers require a more specialised insurance cover when considering income protection.

For farmers across the UK there is a special branch of insurance conveyor, NFU Mutual, provides a selection of dedicated income protection policies designed purely for farmers to offer protection against high risk factors outlined in the job description of many UK farmers. Providing an excellent service that offers tax free monthly amounts that additionally can be protected further against inflation, means that farmers can now experience the same benefits as others in less dangerous occupations.

With two different choices available, agricultural and dairy farmers can opt between a policy that offer personal income protection and a policy that covers essential abilities. Either one provides a customised level of care; that can bring reassurance and financial comfort to those that suffer a loss of important and valuable income that is essential their livelihoods and not just their careers. The income protection policy offered by the NFU offers certain benefits such as paid access to medical specialists, providing advice and rehabilitation assistance on top of the monthly income needed to replace the farmer’s loss of income. A long term cover, if an illness returns, this policy automatically recommence, giving many the best cover possible.