Income protection insurance can be beneficial to you.

Income protection insurance offers you an array of benefits. The main benefit that it offers you is a replacement income, the replacement income you receive will allow you to maintain your financial commitments such as your mortgage, bills and loans. Having an income protection policy will also reduce the amount of worry you may have when you lose your job as you have the reassurance that you will still have a source of income even though it may not be the same as what you are used to.
When you choose to purchase income protection insurance, you along with your insurance provider will choose how long your payments will be deferred for, this means you will choose how long you wait between making your claim and when you receive your first payout. The short the deferred period the more your premium is likely to cost you, however if you know that you would not be able to manage very long without your income then it may be wiser to pay the higher premium.
Your insurance premium will depend on your age, health, occupation, smoker status, the amount of cover you require and more. The younger and healthier you are the cheaper your premium will generally be, if you are a smoker your insurance premium will be more than that of someone else who is the same age, is in the same state of health and who has the same occupation, this is because there are many well known health risks which are more likely to occur if you are a smoker.

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