Income Protection will lessen worry.

In difficult times having peace of mind that your income is protected if you were to become ill and out of work can allow you to enjoy yourself when the opportunity arises.

Income protection insurance companies work with you to find a policy that fits your requirements, with advisers who will tailor a policy to suit your individual needs, which gives you the piece of mind that you’ve found the right policy. It is essential that our advisors are given all the correct information so that they can correctly tailor your policy.

When you take out your income protection you want a policy with an own occupation definition, which means that your insurance policy will payout if you are unable to do your own job. A suited definition means your policy will pay out if you are unable to do your own job or a job similar to your own job. You do not want to receive an any occupation definition as this means your policy will only pay out if you are unable to do any form of paid work.

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