Join the growing crowd of people whom are taking out income protection insurance.

Many more people are choosing to take out income protection as they realise just how much it could help them if they were to become unemployed.

Taking out income protection insurance will allow you to have the peace of mind that if you were to become unemployed due to an illness or accident you and your family would not face a financial struggle. Having protected your income allows you to avoid having to sell off your treasured possessions so that you can afford to live.

Income protection allows you to receive monthly or weekly tax free payments when you are unemployed, these payments will be up to 65% of your income. The aim of income protection is to ensure you can maintain your financial commitments such as a mortgage or rent and so that you can have a basic standard of living.

Income protection cover can cost you very little making it a worthwhile piece of insurance to take out especially in a climate where many people are losing their jobs or having to take a cut in hours and pay.

Income protection insurance companies can provide you with a large range of different policies to choose from alongside a team of dedicated advisors who can help you choose the correct policy for your circumstances and requirements.

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