Make sure you are protected in case the unfortunate happens.

Being out of work can cause a lot of financial difficulty, if you have a family who rely on your income it can be devastating knowing that you are no longer going to be able to support them. This worry of financial difficulty can be even more of a burden if you are out of work because of an accident or illness; this is because you will not be able to actively seek out a new job as a solution to your loss of income. If you were to have taken out income protection insurance you would not need to worry as much about your financial difficulty, this is because you would receive a tax free payout of on average 65% of your gross income. This regular payment would hopefully allow you to meet your financial commitments without putting a strain on yourself, especially if you are ill or injured as you should be focusing on your recovery. Income protection specialists will work with you when you take out your policy to ensure that you know what your payout will cover and if it will cover all of your financial commitments. When you choose your policy you should make sure to account for all of your outgoings so that you know just how much your policy payout will cover.

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