Make sure you aren’t at risk of losing your income by taking out income protection insurance.

Income protection is something which most of us are taking out. With mortgages and families to look after, individuals can’t afford to lose their jobs or incomes.

Having income protection eases the worry that if you were to lose your job your whole lives wouldn’t fall apart. With income protection it won’t. Having income protection allows you to receive monthly or weekly tax free payments at up to 65% of your current income.

Without income protection many would soon encounter financial difficulty which would result in being knee deep in debts that people couldn’t afford to pay back.

Becoming ill or being in an accident is not something that we choose and so why should it result in a loss of income? Astute persons can control whether or not they lose out on an income by choosing to take out income protection insurance or not. Income protection insurance will mean that you don’t lose your total income, it may mean not receiving as much as you normally would, you may lose a percentage of it but as long as essentials can be afforded then those with insurance won’t lose out.

Financial advisers and insurance companies will work with you to ensure that you take out the correct income protection policy for your situation and requirements at an affordable price.

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