Minimise the impact of being out of work with income protection insurance.

Income protection insurance offers an array of benefits to the policy holder, including peace of mind that you will be protected if you were to be out of work. Being out of work is not most people’s idea as fun because they know that without the income things can easily become very difficult for them. Many people struggle when they know they know that they are receiving a regular income and so without one they could very easily fall into large amounts of debt, which can cause many more problems than simply losing a job (with income protection cover) can do.

Having income protection insurance gives you the peace of mind that you require when you lose your job, you do not need to worry as much about your finances and you can focus on finding yourself a new job. As always with the loss of a job adjustments will need to be made to suit your new financial circumstances but with income protection insurance in place these changes do not need to be severe.

The insurance policies from a wide selection of income protection insurers will allow you to receive a weekly or monthly tax free payment of on average 65% of your salary, which will be paid until you find yourself in work, until your retirement age or just simply for a set amount of years after you start claiming on your policy.

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