Protect your income through spring and summer.

Summer is coming and we’re all looking forward to enjoying the sun and the holidays that have planned. Summer brightens up our days and causes us to forget about our worries and take a moment to reflect on all the things that make us happy.

Although we enjoy the summer, one thing no-one wishes to experience is falling into financial difficulty due to being off work because of an illness or accident. When you are off work for a long period of time it can be difficult to maintain our financial commitments as you will not receive your regular wage for the whole time you are off ill. If you were to have income protection you would receive a monthly or weekly tax free payout which would enable you to maintain your financial commitments such as your mortgage or rent.

We don’t choose to be out of work but we can choose to have income protection so that if we are unfortunately out of work through no choice of our own we will be protected and there will not be any extra strain of worrying about how we are going to meet the payments for all the bills we have and how we are going to pay our mortgage or rent.

By having income protection you can enjoy the summer knowing that if anything was to happen you will be financially stable and can focus on getting better. Enjoy the summer having purchased income protection for yourself.

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