refrain from selling your possessions with income protection insurance.

You can very easily prevent yourself from having to sell your treasured possessions when you lose your job by taking out income protection insurance. Losing your job is a devastating time and can often be even more so when you have lost your job when you have been in an accident or illness, as you cannot easily look for another job. If you were to take out income protection insurance before you were to lose your job you would be entitled to monthly or weekly tax free payouts which would on average be 65% of your income. Receiving this payout allows you to worry a little less about your financial commitments, which is something you don’t need to be worrying about when you are not well, as you should be focusing on your own recovery. Ideally the payouts from your income protection policy would pay for your financial commitments such as your mortgage or rent and your bills, however if you can easily maintain those payments then you may wish to choose to use it for something which may aid your recovery.
Income protection insurance providers can help you find the right income protection policy for you, which will enable you to have everything you need and at a price you can afford.

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