Take out the correct income protection cover today

Income protection insurance comparison sites can help you find the best income protection policy for you, with advisers who will work alongside you to understand your situation and what it is you are looking for from your income protection insurance. Income protection cover specialists have a selection of insurance providers on hand to work with you and who will always aim to provide you with the cheapest policy for your needs.

Income protection insurance will allow you to receive up to 65% of your income in weekly or monthly tax free payments, so that you can afford to maintain you financial commitments.

Income protection insurance will only protect you if you are out of work due to being ill or having been in an accident. When you take out income protection you want an own occupation definition, with an own occupation definition you will be able to receive payouts once you are unable to do your own job. You do not want an any job definition as you will not receive payouts unless you are unable to do any form of paid work.

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