Income Protection

Taking out the right insurance against the loss of your income with Income Protection Insurance.

Imagine you are a hardworking family person, nice home and family car, holidays abroad every summer, earning enough to pay all the bills and save away for a rainy day as well? Imagine everything going well for you and then all of a sudden your life is turned upside down because you suffer an accident or a swift illness that leaves you unable to work for an undetermined length of time? Horrible to think of but the fact remains that so many UK residents are faced with these crushing and highly disturbing events and don’t have the appropriate insurance cover to assist them properly.

Income replacement or Income insurance are two commonly known titles for income protection insurance and provide a beneficial solution designed to meet specific financial requirements of a diverse range of individuals, ranging from short term plans with a value of £10,000 to £20,000 to long term policies with a substantial value of £500,000 to £1,000,000. Within the diverse boundaries of these highly beneficial insurance policies, the ability to create bespoke and tailored protective measures designed to individually insure your income, many have seen the terrific benefits of income protection and have avoided the worst case scenarios still faced by many.

So who is it for?

Income Protection Insurance can be purchased by anyone who is employed and earning an income, regardless of sex, age, job description and many other factors. Although attempting to remain positive on the whole subject of future health prospects, with nobody wanting to think about the possibility of losing their income because of illness, disability or accident and injury, figures show a startling number of people, across the age board, who end up in circumstances where they are no longer capable of continuing their role in employment. Amongst the biggest bracket of individuals to be effected, there are roughly 669,500 men ranging in the ages of between 40 and 64 are shown to be off work for 6 months or more annually.

Being unable to work causes terrible financial worries and stress, often causing a worse state of health for an individual so it really is worth considering protecting your income. The benefits you receive will go towards the general maintenance of your family life as well as paying those all important bills and mortgage payments as well. Easy to apply for, you can request assistance with income protection with any IFA regulated advisor where they will talk you through the simple stages and discuss your requirements personally with you to determine the best policy cover for your needs.