Think about these questions and learn how income protection insurance can help you.

Have you thought about protecting your income? Do you have any protection in place for your income? There’s a high chance that your answer to those two questions is no. Have you thought about the effects a loss of income could have on yourself and your family? Is the answer to that question ‘no’ too? Then perhaps it is time that you think about the answer to these questions.
Although the UK is now seeing a decrease in the unemployment rates, that doesn’t mean people are no longer at risk of losing their jobs. If you were to become ill or were to be in an accident and were unable to return to work for long periods of time or indefinitely then there is a high chance you could lose your job. If you were to lose your job because you were not well or injured then it is likely you will not be able to find another job to replace the income you have just lost. The only way you can counteract this loss in income is by taking out protection long before you need it. Income protection insurance allows you to receive on average 65% of your income in weekly or monthly tax free payments.

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